Toilet paper has become one of the most coveted commodities worldwide. Making and selling this product has taken on new significance, and thus provides a unique opportunity to make a difference amid all this tragedy.

We have been fielding thousands of inquiries for donations and asking where they can buy our products.  It has been humbling and eye opening listening to people’s stories of unemployment and suffering because of the virus.
The words of encouragement and gratitude from many in the local community have inspired us to ramp up our efforts even greater to improve efficiency, hire more workers and increase production as quickly as possible.  In light of the current pandemic, we feel that there is so much more that we can do to help others, which has inspired the next phase of our journey.

Tissue Plus has decided to launch a new offering where direct customers can pay $999 for a year’s worth of toilet paper.
The benefits of this program are multifaceted, as it would not only give our customers a peace of mind and behind, but would also allow Tissue Plus™ to give back to our community. How?

  • JOBS – providing additional jobs to those affected by the pandemic.
  • DONATIONS – continue donating to those in need. For every ten rolls sold, one will be donated to a local shelter (That’s almost 60 rolls per order!)
  • ENVIRONMENT & ECONOMIC Impact – Our process uses input goods from local manufacturers. By continuing to produce, we can support local businesses, jobs through our supply chain, and help end-users in our communities get the products they need without worry.

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